Rodgers or Favre

                                                               Who’s the Better Quarterback?

                                                                           Favre or Rodgers 

They’re arguably two of the greatest football players of all-time, one being a maverick Gunslinger that held many records in the NFL for a few years. The other, a former pupil that has managed to forge his own uniquely impressive career. Both Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre have brought many joyous moments to the Green Bay Packers in the past 25 years, but which one of them is better? Favre may be my favorite player, but is he truly better than Rodgers? What are you looking for in an NFL QB? Do you want the risk taker or the more efficient player that makes better decisions most of the time? The following are my opinions on the ups and downs of both players, and I ask that anyone who reads this and is angered by my thoughts to accept the fact that these are OPINIONS, and not facts, let’s get started.

The most pressing thing to look at first is the ratings of both Favre and Rodgers, Favre may be a Hall of Famer, but his rating is only 86.0 and he holds the record for most interceptions in NFL history, (336). Rodgers on the other hand has been in the NFL for 13 years and only has 72 interceptions versus 297 touchdown passes. Giving Rodgers a 104.1 career QB rating, making him the highest rated QB in NFL History, as well as the only QB to have a rating of 100.0 or more. Favre was best known for taking chances that sometimes worked out, and other times, not so much. He had a lot of confidence in his arm, and sometimes there’d be costly mistakes on his part from taking chances. In 2010, Favre led the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game against the Saints and threw a costly pick when he should’ve tried to scramble on a crucial play that ended up costing the Vikings the game. Now while Rodgers hasn’t had much luck in the past two NFC title games that he’s been a part of, he most likely would’ve taken the open lane and run for it.

Another trait of Rodgers that Favre didn’t show off as much of in his career is his ability to scramble and extend plays. If you could get pressure on Favre he’d be more liable to throw costly turnovers, Rodgers on the other hand can be just as dangerous on the run as he is in a clean pocket. Rodgers has made hundreds of great throws while on the run and usually those occur in the redzone and go for touchdowns as well. Also, he’s great at going for a run if he can’t find a receiver and instead finds a running lane to exploit. Rodgers has 25 rushing scores and 2544 rushing yards in his career, he even ran for a career high 369 yards in 2016. Favre, while a creative playmaker in his earlier days only has 1844 rushing yards and 14 rushing scores in his career.

However, Favre does have a few elements of his game that Rodgers isn’t very prolific at, Favre started 321 games in a row in his career, (Including the Playoffs) Rodgers has missed several games in his career during 2013 when he broke his collarbone. Favre never missed a game from 1992 to December 5th, 2010 but that ended when the Vikings played the New York Giants the following week. Favre has played through several painful injuries, including, A Separated Shoulder, Broken Thumb, and has suffered several concussions throughout his career. To be fair Rodgers has played through pain too, like a slightly torn calf muscle in 2014, and he managed to play well the final two weeks of the season. He also separated his shoulder back in 2008, (His First Year as a starter) and managed to beat Seattle on the road that year after suffering the injury. In 2016 He suffered another calf injury during a week 12 game in Philadelphia, which sparked the 6 game winning streak to end the season and got Green Bay into the playoffs. But still, Favre is the epitome of playing with pain so one of two points will go to Favre as I partake in my second point for Favre.

Who would you want at QB when the game is on the line, Favre or Rodgers? Favre has pulled off 30 game winning come backs in his career. While Rodgers is a great player in his own right, he only has 10 comebacks to his name, meaning that Favre has saved the day three times as much in the clutch compared to Rodgers. In fact, Favre’s first NFL win was a result of a game winning 35 yard touchdown pass to Kitrick Taylor that sparked his legendary career in Green Bay. So both Favre and Rodgers are tied in terms of things one can do better than the other, can Rodgers somehow break the tie? Let’s look at or final category and find out!

The final aspect I want to look at is whether or not one of these fine players were able to generate championships in their time as starters for the Green and Gold. In that case, both Rodgers and Favre are tied in that aspect as well. Favre may have gone to two straight Super Bowls back to back, but he only won one title. Rodgers has only won one title too, and he also won the MVP award in Super Bowl XLV, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25. Favre beat the Patriots in 1997 35-21, but lost to Denver the following year 31-24. Rodgers may still be undefeated in the big game, but so far he’s only been to a Super Bowl once, despite having several chances to make it back since the 2010 season, as has Favre. So it all really comes down to who you’d prefer to have as your signal caller. Rodgers is only 33, so he does have some time to win a second Lombardi Trophy before he hangs’em up. Favre will have to relish the one ring he has and all the other accomplishments he has made over the course of his career. I may think Rodgers is the better player statistically, but at the end of the day, both players are the same in terms of bringing joy to Packer fans everywhere. It’s just that Rodgers is more safe with his ball handling than Favre’s, but it doesn’t matter who’s your guy under center, as long as he can make more good plays than bad, then have fun watching your hero play.


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