Romo: Where and Should He play Next Year

                                                Tony Romo, where will he play next?


Veteran Quarterback Tony Romo has certainly fallen from grace the past few seasons hasn’t he? He missed virtually the entire 2016 season, and only played in four games in 2015. However, this doesn’t mean that Romo’s value as a potential free agent is low. There are reportedly 9 NFL teams that could be a possible new home for the 37 year old QB. According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, “The teams he’s looking at most closely are Denver, Kansas City, and the one he’s most interested in is the Houston Texans.”  The Houston Texans, one of the teams that are probably in the most need for a QB, Brock Osweiler wasn’t a huge playmaker for Houston in 2016, throwing 15 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Sure the Texans made the playoffs, but they were blown out by the Patriots, with Osweiler throwing 3 turnovers in the process.

As for the other teams Romo may join, Kansas City is the place that needs him the least, because the Chiefs already have a solid QB in Alex Smith. Smith came to Kansas City from the 49ers in 2013 and has been to the playoffs in 3 of the last 4 years. Bringing in Romo would just be heartbreaking for Smith, who already lost his job in San Francisco to Colin Kaepernick in 2012. So having this happen again would be an insult to Alex Smith and what he’s accomplished in KC.

The 49ers are a team desperately in need of a QB, Kaepernick and Gabbert have done nothing of value for San Fran and could use a competent QB to lead the team. The same thing can be said for the Cleveland Browns, both teams need a leader, and in Cleveland’s case they don’t have a useful signal caller either.

Two of the best places for Romo to land would be either Houston or Denver, because those teams have strong playmakers on both offense and defense. The Broncos have an intimidating Defense lead by Von Miller and they have a good running back in C.J. Anderson, which can take the pressure off of Romo to produce. Houston has pieces of a good offense but they (as said before) lack a QB that can make a difference. But according to Mike Florio of Profootball talk at Romo may just be content with the idea of being released, that would give him the freedom of doing one or two things, 1. Choosing his next team, which would allow 2. His alleged new team to not get hurt by this, or 3. Romo will receive a new contract on the market. The price in this case would be 14 million dollars reportedly, Romo could face an even bigger paycheck if his new team doesn’t give up a draft pick in the process.

It has also been reported that the Chicago Bears may be interested in Romo as a potential tradeoff to get rid of Jay Cutler. Cutler hasn’t been very successful as of late for the Bears, and his ability to throw interceptions in bucket loads has made Cutler wear out his welcome there in the windy city. This would be an average option for Romo, the Bears may have a running back in Jordan Howard, but outside of a few receivers, the Bears aren’t strong defensively (Which historically has been their trademark) and it would seem that the Bears would be depending on Romo too much to make some plays. As said before, going to Denver would be a better fit because Romo would have a talented offense and a strong defense to support him.

Romo could also still be paid by the Cowboys to stand on the sidelines or they could cut him, either way it doesn’t seem promising. Romo hasn’t play a full NFL season since 2012, his age and knack for getting hurt may ‘hurt’ (pun intended) his viability as a starting QB. But then again, Peyton Manning joined the Denver Broncos at age 36, coming off neck surgery and he ended up leading the Broncos to 2 Super Bowl appearances, including a win in Super Bowl 50. If the Cowboys cut Romo, and none of these 9 teams are interested in him, it may be time for Romo to retire. I personally think that Romo may have at least ONE more good season in him, but he’s so injury prone that it may be time to hang’em up. This whole situation is much more complex than a simple “Yes or No,” decision, but perhaps Romo has played his last down, time will tell though.